ISU Biological Ontologies Fall Seminar Series - November 5

Monday, November 5, 2018 - 12:10pm to 1:00pm
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FEATURED SPEAKER: Ramona Walls (virtual seminar from University of Arizona)

Ramona Walls

TITLE: A generalized workflow for integrating biodiversity trait data using otologies

From her CyVerse Profile:

My primary responsibilities at CyVerse involve organizing things. As such, I work on initiatives related to data management and integration, metadata use and harmonization, and incorporating ontologies into CyVerse cyberinfrastructure. I am the project champion for the CyVerse Data Commons, an ongoing effort to support users throughout the data life cycle and provide a space within CyVerse where data can live as a searchable, discoverable, and reusable resource. My research focuses on ontology-based data integration, ontology design, and identifier services for large and dispersed datasets. Although my background (and first love) is in the ecology and evolution of plants, my work is not restricted to plant science and includes domains such as Space Object Behavioral Science and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I am an active member of the biodiversity standards community, including TDWG (Biodiversity Information Standards), GSC (Genomics Standards Consortium), and the OBO Foundry.

More information is available online.

PDF of Ramona's presentation