Metagenomics Mondays Summer Seminar Series kicks off in June at Iowa State University

May 30, 2018

At universities and beyond, challenges and opportunities in microbiome research are being addressed using novel approaches from diverse applications. As a result, researchers who work in animal science, biosystems engineering, plant pathology, agronomy, veterinary medicine and similar fields may wish to attend the weekly Metagenomics Mondays summer seminar series at Iowa State University, which runs from June 4 through July 30 (except July 2) from noon to 1 p.m. (0013 Curtiss Hall). This seminar series will host speakers from veterinary sciences, plant sciences, microbiology, statistics, data science, engineering and more. 

Where: 0013 Curtiss on the ISU Campus and broadcast
Times: 12:00-1:00 PM 

Join the seminar online (Optional: test your ZOOM connection)

=> Lunch will be provided <=

4 June - Gwyn Beattie Microbial impacts on plant growth and stress tolerance – do plants direct the assembly of beneficial communities?

11 June - John Hsieh Characterization of chicken cecal microbiome during acute and chronic heat stress

18 June - Allen Miller The soybean aphid virome

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2 July => SKIP <= 

9 July - Stephen Schmitz-Esser Contribution of beef cattle gastrointestinal tract microbiota to tolerance to fescue toxicosis

16 July - Iddo Friedberg Why your microbiome analysis is wrong

23 July - Karin Dorman Unsupervised community characterization: methods for clustering of big amplicon datasets

30 July - Greg Phillips Community involvement: tracking genetic adaptation in the gut microbiome

6 Aug - Larry Halverson Shifting soil and rhizosphere microbiomes to more robust interconnected communities


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