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Webinar: The USDA National Agricultural Library (NAL)

The Ag Data Coop works to create data-driven agricultural production systems, producers will need access to data, simulations, forecasts, and predictions to learn how they can transform their operations and enhance productivity. The overall goal of this project is to develop a blueprint for a national data framework and cooperative where producers, universities, and not-for-profit entities can store and share data and develop powerful tools that enable producers to maximize their production and profitability. The National Agricultural Producer Data Cooperative (NAPDC) will:

  • Develop a blueprint for a national agricultural producers data framework by identifying needs and opportunities as well as challenges in physical infrastructure, human resources, and use cases;

  • Engage and support diverse participation including all types of agricultural research institutions, producers, and representatives of a relevant data producer and end-user organizations, to foster first steps towards the development of the framework; and

  • Communicate and disseminate findings of all activities through publications, peer-reviewed articles, and presentations to scientific and producer groups.

The development of a robust national community to develop an agricultural producer data framework will drive technological innovation towards increased productivity, profitability, and sustainability for US agriculture.

Next Webinar (#7):  Monday, August 22nd from 1-2:30pm CST  Presented by Peter Arbuckle, NAL Technical Information Specialist (Biological Science), and Rachel Paseka, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at USDA/NAL