Survey seeks to find out how data science skills relate to professional practice

June 6, 2019

If you instruct data science courses, or can share with your colleagues who do, you are invited to take (or share) a survey about data science and how various concepts and skills relate professional practice. This survey is part of an NSF TRIPODS-X grant that is exploring students’ misconceptions with data science concepts as they begin their data science education.

The purpose of the survey is to identify which knowledge areas and skills are within data science and more specifically, which should be part of a first course in data science. A secondary goal of this survey is to collect information about current data science courses and jobs.

Investigators: Katherine M. Kinnaird (Smith), Bjorn Sandstede (Brown), Karl R.B. Schmitt (Valparaiso), Ruth E.H. Wertz (Valparaiso)

Take the survey here.

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