Unmanned Data Mondays - A Digital Agriculture Webinar Series (Spring 2019)

February 8, 2019

Digital Agriculture Mission – Midwest Big Data Hub

The Digital Agriculture: UAS, Plant Sciences, and Education (UASPSE) spoke project of the Midwest Big Data Hub seeks to organize academic, industrial, and governmental sectors around the development of policies and best practices for data science and Big Data applications in agriculture, with a focus on automating the data lifecycle for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), phenomics, and genomics.

Unmanned Data Mondays - Webinar

As a component of on-going UASPSE activities, University of North Dakota and Kansas State University are hosting a rotating series of webinars (with a focus on Agricultural applications) called Unmanning Data Mondays: Getting the Human Out of Unmanned Aerial Systems Data. The webinars are hosted over the Zoom (https://zoom.us/) teleconference platform with speakers & audiences joining remotely.

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are excellent sensor deployment packages that are contributing to the data deluge in many fields such as agriculture and ecology. Optical, infrared, LIDAR, multi-spectral and other sensor packages can provide data on scales impossible for humans to quickly and accurately analyze, leading to significant challenges in many fields wishing to operationally utilize UAS. This webinar series will feature speakers from academia and industry to discuss and introduce participants to UAS data analysis, standards, and best practices, with a goal of harmonizing UAS data access, reproducibility and reuse across institutions and industry.

Spring 2019 Schedule https://digitalag.org/unmanning_data.php

All Presentations are from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. Central Time. Webinars are recorded. By joining Zoom event you agree to be recorded.

We use the Zoom video service to stream our live webinars. To find out more about this service, please visit the Zoom Website (https://zoom.us/).

  • February 18 - Speaker: Nathan SteinAg Producer
    • Join Zoom Meeting* - https://zoom.us/j/147127641
    • Title: Drone v2.0
    • Summary: Drones sales have gone through a rapid growth and have declined in recent years. While their potential early on seemed endless and solutions unlimited, cracks have emerged. In this session we will explore the reality of the drone market, how the do-it-all approach has left the market paralyzed.  Further we will discuss how a reboot of the industry will lead to refinement of each tool for purpose driven missions.  Most importantly what has been learned about data processing and why limited connectivity is a good thing for Big Data.
  • March 18 - Speaker: Aaron BergProfessor - Department of Geology, University of Guelph
  • April 22 - Speaker: Andrew NewsumSensor Operations Manager - Indigo Ag
  • May 20 - Speaker: Suranjan PanigrahiProfessor – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

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