UPSiE Unmanning Data Mondays Webinar Series: Getting the Human Out of Unmanned Aerial Systems Data

Monday, February 26, 2018 - 1:00pm
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The UPSiE (formerly UASPSE) team and the University of North Dakota are hosting a rotating series of webinars called Unmanning Data Mondays: Getting the human out of unmanned aerial systems data. The webinars are hosted in person from institutions involved with UASPSE and the Midwest Data Hub, and will be streamed online.

Webinar Title: What is Precision Agriculture in US Field Crop Production in 2018?
Presenter: John Nowatski, Extension Ag Machine Systems Specialist, North Dakota State University

This presentation will describe precision agriculture practices and technology currently available to crop producers, and how UAS applications fit into precision agriculture on crop farms in the Northern Plains. The presentation will include summaries of current NDSU UAS research, as well as plans for 2018 projects, including NDSU UAV activities, NDSU Smart Farms for 2018 and data management issues.

Individuals can also link directly to the webinar via Zoom. See the Unmanning Data Mondays webpage for full information about this webinar and the series.